Alba Truffle Fair

This important date in the gastronomic calendar takes place each year in October in the Piemontese town of Alba and it is a wonderful experience to see this expensive commodity being traded.

Alba is at the heart of the scenic Langhe wine producing region of Italy where some of the most famous ‘reds’ are produced such as Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco and Dolcetto.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know a little known area of Italy which is rich in produce such as chestnuts and truffles. Here you will find fine cheeses and salami and the many varieties of cakes and chocolate products made from the local hazelnuts.

The best time to visit is the first Sunday in October when the town transforms itself. Colourful stalls, laden with local produce line the streets and there is a buzz of excitement waiting for the start of the ‘donkey race’ – the Palio.

In preparation, an area is cordoned off with wooden barriers, a copious amount of straw is laid down and a small stand is erected. The event is preceded by a procession of more than two hundred people in medieval costume and flag throwers representing their district of the town.

The actual donkey race can only be described as hilarious.

We can organise for you:

  • Superb accommodation in Alba
  • Seats in the stand for the Palio
  • Entrance tickets to the Truffle Fair
  • Simulated truffle hunt with dogs
  • Lunches or dinners at some of the finest restaurants in Italy
  • Wine tastings and tutorials at some of the most important vineyards in the area